Cooperation with Onoi

Cooperation with Onoi payment service allow fast and without additional payments organizing an acceptance of payments for different goods ad services, enlarge infrastructure of payment places and also implement interactive communications between clients and advertisers.

For agents

Onoi payment service will help you to create your own profitable business which will be paid off for a year and together with a professional support at all stages of work. Become our client and payment services will be you additional or main source of income.

For providers

Onoi is the most convenient way of payment for services which has already recommended itself in 14 countries and continues enlarging of its activity geographically. Onoi gives an opportunity to pay for all everyday services in terminals which are in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a big cities and settlements of Kyrgyzstan, progressively extending its boundaries. It will be comfortable for your clients to pay for services in more than in 1000 outlets of payment as a consequence time of receiving of money form your clients will be shortened. Owing to wide popularity of payment terminals number of payments will increase in your benefit, and therefore your income will increase.

For advertisers

As of today Onoi-Advertising network covers more than 500 Onoi payment terminals, monthly number of the audience is 1.5 millions of users, living in Chui, Osh and Issyk-Kul regions. All terminals located in places of high passing capacity (trade and office centers, airports and railroad stations, educational institutions and health centers).